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stealthbunny's Journal

30 June
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The StealthBunny: Camille A Lufkin, writer, obsessive embroider-er, animal trainer, FMS/CFS patient, role-player, wargamer, CatsCradle at the Transformers Decepticon Dominion, GhostStitcher, The Six Foot Tall Blonde with Blue Hair, and The One with Opposable Thumbs in the household.

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The Phooka: French Lop bunny, ruler of the Lair of the StealthBunnies. Gentle giant at eleven pounds, rules with a velvet paw, but the definate boss. The soul of the household.

Smidgeon: the kitten who is technically no longer a kitten, but will probably be known her entire life as The Kitten. Cute as the dickens, sweet as pie, mischievous as .. .um... something mischievous. The laughter of the house.

My Lady Nox: She of the plushy midnight fur, cat with softie paws, usually bemoaning that she was EVER brought home with A KITTEN, whyowhy couldn't I be a single cat WOE! The dignity of the house. And failing miserably.

Mew: The tiny cat I found starving and freezing under my house over New Year's weekend. We were meant to be. Her incredibly long white whiskers and deep golden eyes haunted me. Still feral-shy, but trying incredibly hard to be a house-cat, she now haunts my home and lives in my linen closet. When I walk past it, the closet purrs. The ghost of the house, aspiring to be the spirit.

Tiki: The eldest kitty, dainty and sweet, far too intelligent for her owner's own good, but too loving to abuse it. The heart of the household. Traveled to the Rainbow Bridge 2009. My heart is still broken.

Jazzi: The younger kitty, the big goofball, who wouldn't know dignity if it came up and jumped in her face. The kind of cat who rolls over to show her pretty tummy and falls off the chair because she never checked to make sure there was something to roll over onto. And then does it again. A kitten who never grew up, who tries to hide her 13lbs under a post-it note. Traveled to the Rainbow Bridge 2009, a month after Tiki. I swear she was reincarnated into Smidgie, except that Smidge had already been born by that time.

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