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Dear Mew,

Face it, you were being a brat. I was trying to rest in the warm bed, the electric mattress pad on, in much pain, trying to ignore it by burying myself in a video game on the tablet and you were biting my arm and elbow every time it moved. This was the second night you did this.

So yeah, I lost patience. Scruffed you, picked you up, and dropped you over the edge of the bed.

....I honestly had no idea Smidgeon was walking by at that exact moment...

The mayhem that followed shall truly be legendary. 

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Dear Noxie,

You are such a good sport.

You were stretched out in front of the bedroom door, and there was a tiny Mew-Paw sticking out underneath it. I wiggled my fingers, but there was no response.

However, there was great delighted flailing when I used your tail. That tiny white-tipped paw turned into a blur.

I have no regrets.

Neither does Mew.

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Dear Whisper

If you steal your rubber brush, run around with it, then chew one of the big rubber bristles around it, you WILL get attention, but not the type you want. Because Momma WILL turn into a demon, chase you, drag you out from under furniture, stick her fingers in your mouth as far as it takes for as many times as it takes to get the rubber out.

She might snuggle you afterwards a bit. Even if you do foot-flick her.


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Mew has decided to help other cats and bunnies and other animals in need! Three sets of Mew's Tears earrings are listed on eBay to benefit the Red Door Shelter in Chicago, where wendyzski adopted both Winslet and Pepper and also volunteers.

White Bunnies, earrings woven with pinks, blues, and glow-in-the-dark thread!


Brown Bunny With Flopped Ear, woven with Green and Pink threads.

Yellow Cats' Eyes, woven with Yellow, Green, and glow-in-the-dark thread with mother-of-pearl pupils


These auctions end on Sunday!

More designs can be seen here (it's a Facebook album, but it is set so you don't have to be a member to see it): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.191726784252907.43395.100002467592991&type=1&l=045b2aaf19


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For those of you who might be interested (or remember), I have new designs of Mew's Tears earrings available. Pictures can be seen on my Facebook album. Perfect for stocking stuffers or to mail for presents, since they are small and lightweight!


I even have special bunny ones and cat ones now! Plus I can do custom weaves in your pet's colors!


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Dear Smidgie.

I relented and let you play with Da Bird.

You yanked it away from me, dragged it to the other side of the room in hiding, chewed the string off the wand and ate half the string.

This is why you cannot have nice things!

Back into the fridge it goes!

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Dear Whisper,

I think you met your match today.

You tried to steal a Slinky toy out of the Basket Of Cat Toys.

Except that the other end of the Slinky didn’t want to come and anchored itself to the heavy basket.

Never one to give up, you planted those feet of yours and began tugging.

Until you had stretched the Slinky across the entire room.

And then… you lost your grip.


Slinky 1, Bunny-Thief 0.


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Whisper... if you grab a box, you must be prepared for it to chase you when you run. Until you let go of it. Even if it smells like nummy hay.

The amount of my laughter at the startled bunny racing through the room chased by the evil box (which is held prisoner by the bunny's teeth) will be proportionate to the box's size.

This one was truly spectacular. 


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Dear Whisper,

No. Just don’t.

I don’t care how much fun it is.

You cannot steal the dividers out of my sewing chest’s drawers.

Even if they are made out of paint stirrers and are nice light-weight wood that you can run around with in your mouth like a puppy with a bone. And wave over your head in triumph. And then start chewing. Because apparently paint stirrer wood is very tasty.

Just because Momma will bribe you with apple twigs to get her divider back, does NOT mean you can keep stealing more, even if paint stirrer wood is even tastier than apple twigs.

Although watching you try to jump on top of the chest and somehow end up tangled in the cats’ toy basket that was next to it… that was kinda fun.

Trying to gain the Smidgeon-kitty’s sympathy and consoling face-licks MIGHT work, however. She appreciates a good theft.


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No, Whisper, you cannot chew the drapes.

Obviously, you didn't learn your lesson the last time, when you got stuck in one of the holes, was photographed, and Shamed publicly on Facebook and Livejournal  ( http://stealthbunny.livejournal.com/126995.html )

You just learned to be sneakier.

When the water-spray seemed to have no effect, I went to look.

You had wrapped the drape COMPLETELY AROUND YOURSELF, sheltering you from the water as you chewed.

You are learning faster than I can bunny-proof.

Also, scaling the folded-and-cased camp chair so that you could reach the higher level of the cat-tree? Brilliant. Realizing that the Instruction Tag on the chair's case was on an elastic string so that you could grab it, pull it, let go and it would BOING back? Very amusing, but now there's not much tag left and that chair doesn't belong to us in the first place. (sorry, Mere).


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